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Electronic Design

Hi-Rel offers design services for varying electronics devices from toys to IoT gateways. We offer customized Electronic Design, PCB Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing Services. We design all kinds of Electronic Circuits & Electronic Products according to custom specifications.

Custom design and product prototyping/development

We cover design, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware. We design according to the requirements of the customer. we require the specifications for a design from the customer. From the customer specification, we proceed towards completing the design.
We also provide design solutions to our customers who are not from electronics field by translating their requirements “In plain English” to to functional and electrical specifications and then proceed towards completing the design.

Embedded Systems Design

Microcontroller or microprocessor-based systems solving day-to-day problems are typically called systems. The unique thing about embedded systems is that most of its functions are software controlled and can be changed easily without much work lost in re-designing the hardware. Although embedded systems design are a common part of any electronic systems and used in most of our designs, it’s worth mentioning it as a separate service since some customers might be specifically looking for this service.

PCB Design

The printed circuit board, commonly referred to as the “PCBis an inherent part of every electronic hardware. PCB supports and interconnects all the parts together. Every custom electronics hardware that we design includes PCB layout designing, prototyping & assembly by default. We can also offer PCB layout designing (PCB designing for short) & prototyping as a standalone service in order to convert any existing schematic diagrams that you might have already designed into fully assembled prototypes. We work on two layer & multilayer PCB designs.

Product Design

We offer full-fledged, complete “ready to market” product and consists of enclosure design (either based on readily available enclosures, or custom designed mold preparation), hardware design (schematic & PCB design), user interface design (front panel/control panels), firmware/software design, product approvals (CE mark, FCC, UL etc.

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