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IMRAK 1400

IMRAK 1400 is a versatile 19” racking system renowned for its aesthetic design and very strong construction, making it the number one choice for many installers and end-customers across the globe. Suitable for a wide range of data, networking and equipment rack applications, it can be configured to meet the special racking requirements of today’s industries and is complimented by a extensive range of accessories.

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IMRAK 1400
IMRAK 1400


IMRAK 1400

IMRAK 1400 – dimensions and mounting positions

Dimensions Overall height Rack space
Height Dim mm Dim mm
12U 620,1 533,4
17U 842,4 755,7
22U 1064,6 977,9
27U 1286,9 1200,2
32U 1509,1 1422,4
37U 1731,4 1644,7
42U 1953,6 1866,9
47U 2175,9 2089,2

Features :

Open frame

  Open frame : The IMRAK Open Frame is available in the standard heights of 27U, 37U 42U and 47U. The non preferred heights of 12U, 17U, 22U and 32U are available.

Side Panels

  Side Panels : Strong, lightweight side panels are easily fitted into position using smooth action slam latches. A centre grommet may be removed and replaced with a lock if required

Plain steel & glass doors

  Plain steel & glass doors : Doors suitable for the front or rear of IMRAK cabinets are available in metal and glass. Shortened doors can also be fitted to provide space above or below for fan units, grills, infill panels or cable entries. Doors incorporate a key-lock mechanisim which can be replaced with swing or electronic locking handles

Perforated and vented doors

  Perforated and vented doors : Perforated doors may be fitted to the front or rear of an IMRAK cabinet and have
an open area of 63%, making them idea for secure applications where front to rear cooling is required. Shortened doors as well as split (wardrobe style) and glass vented doors are also available by special order.

Swing Handl /  Lock

  SWING HANDLE / LOCK : Imrak doors may have a swing handle fitted in place of the factory supplied cam / lock mechanism. Locks must be ordered separately and are available in two versions; Self Locking (where the door automatically locks when closed) or Manual Locking (where a key must be turned to lock the door).

Front cover trims

  Front cover trims : For applications where no doors are required, a set of aluminium trims may be fitted. Cover trims are supplied in pairs painted in RAL 7037 and with an inset green plastic “coach line”. As an option, red or blue coach lines may be specified at extra cost.

Side Vented

Top covers :

  SIDE VENTED : High top side vented – allows air flow through side slots.

Fully Vented

  FULLY VENTED : High top fully vented – allows air flow through a matrix of square top holes as well as side slots. Recommended when fan trays are to be used.

 19” Panel Mounting Angles

  19” Panel Mounting Angles - ‘Standard’ Panel mounts are supplied in pairs to provide 19” mounting positions with hole patterns to accept captive nuts on universal centres. Incorporated into the design of the mounts are notches in the centre of each U height which makes the positioning of the cage nuts much easier.
The panel mounting may be attached directly to the corner vertical, in which case front to rear adjustment is 60mm per panel mount. Alternatively the panel mount may be fitted onto panel mount angle supports giving infinite adjustment throughout the depth of the rack .

Cable Reducing Channels

  Cable Reducing Channels : Cable reducing channels are suitable for 800mm wide racks only. These units are supplied in pairs and may be attached directly to the corner vertical, or fitted onto panel mount angle supports. Reducing cable channels have been designed to support panel mounting angles. The appropriate size and type of panel mounting angles also need to be ordered.

  Castors : Two types of castor are available. All castor loads are stated under average conditions, fitted to the rack bolt on mounting plates. Available in braked and unbraked versions.

Adjustable feet

  Adjustable feet : These allow you to align your rack on uneven surfaces. Adjustable feet are screwed directly into the corner blocks, using 10mm threads. An adaptor is required when feet are to be fitted as well as heavy duty castors. Adjustment is between 25mm and 40mm.

  100 mm plinths : Plinths as complete kits Plinth kits are available in two heights; 100mm or 200mm. Plinth kits consist of four identical corner sections and four infill sections which allow easy modification for cable entry. Adjustable feet, which will align IMRAK on uneven surfaces, can be fitted to a plinth when the use of ‘adjustable foot adaptors’. Plinths may be stacked to provide additional height.

100 mm plinths
100 mm plinths
Bolting down plate

  Bolting down plate : This kit of 4 rectangular plates allows the base frame to be bolted down, using 12 mm bolts (not supplied).

 Bottom gland plates

  Bottom gland plates : Gland plates are used to seal off the cable opening in the base of the rack. Half gland plates allow a cable entry kit to be fitted in the center position. The cable entry kit consists of two brushes through which cables may be pushed.

Top mounted fan trays

  Top mounted fan trays : Top mounted fan trays are available to aid the cooling of your rack housed equipment. These may be retro-fitted to the IMRAK 1400, and occupy none of the useable U height. Fan trays are supplied with four or six fans Top fan trays have blanking plates fitted in all unused positions. Connection to all fans is by means of a CEE 22 mains inlet, which must be ordered separately. Select appropriate mains lead from lower table.

Chassis supports

  Chassis supports : These steel supports may be varied along the depth of the rack and offer an ideal method of supporting heavy equipment. When used in conjunction with 19” equipment they position cardframes accurately in line with U heights. An extra 15mm width is available when chassis supports are fitted directly to panel mounting angle supports as maximum chassis width is then 465mm. Nominal load rating is 50kg. Chassis supports are sold in pairs.

Chassis trays

  Chassis trays : These steel trays come in four depths so that the correct depth for your installation may be selected without interfering with cabling or power distribution at the rear. With this style of tray a pair of chassis supports is also required.

Heavy Duty Shelves

  Heavy Duty Shelves : For applications where heavy loads are required, this shelf offers a load capacityof over 100 Kg. Slotted holes offer limited air passage and also provide simple fixing positions. Note: Must be fitted to two pairs of Chassis Supports.

19” Cantilever Shelves

  19” cantilever shelves : Cantilever shelves fix directly onto the standard 19” panel mounts. The shelves occupy 2U of panel mount height. Cantilever shelves have a nominal load rating of 20kg, mounted in the mddle of the shelf.

Sliding shelves - 19” fixing

  Sliding shelves - 19” fixing : This shelf will fit into the IMRAK® enclosure that has 19” panel mounts fitted in the front and rear of the enclosure, independent of whether the enclosure is 600 mm or 800 mm wide. The supporting surface of the shelf is in-line with the bottom of the ‘U’ above it, therefore the shelf can be used to support both 19” mounted equipment as well as non 19” mounted equipment.


VERAK addresses the most stringent enclosure requirements of the communications, industrial networking and electronics sectors, providing both IP65 environmental protection and EMC screening. It is available in two versions: VERAK IP provides protection against ingress of dust and water, whilst VERAK EMC provides protection from radio frequency interference to ensure that electronic systems meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

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Key Features: VERAK-IP :

  IP65 rated, enhanced protection against dust and moisture.
  Ideal for basements, manufacturing areas and process control applications.
  Secure four point door locking system.
  Heavy duty frame and robust cladding rated at 750kg.
  Top, base and rear cable entry access points.
  3 standard height options - 27U, 37U, and 42U.
  2 depth options – 600mm and 800mm.
  2 width options – 600mm and 800mm.
  Steel or Glazed front door.
  Choice of full length steel rear door or steel door + IP55 5U vent panel (top) + 5U fan panel (bottom).
  Standard front and rear 19” panel mounts.
  Wide range of application specific accessories.
  Supplied fully assembled and configured with accessories.

Key Features: VERAK-EMC :

  High RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) attenuation.
  Ideal for both industrial and office applications.
  Exceptional strength allows long-distance shipping of fully integrated enclosure.
  Secure four point door locking system.
  User-friendly multiple entry access points.
  3 standard height options - 27U, 37U, and 42U.
  2 depth options – 600mm and 800mm.
  2 width options – 600mm and 800mm.
  Solid steel doors and side panels.
  Shortened steel rear door with 10U cable access panel.
  EMC screens at top and bottom (ventilated or IP65).
  Standard front and rear 19” panel mounts.
  Wide range of application specific accessories.
  Supplied fully assembled and configured with accessories.

Verak EMC cabinet

Verak EMC cabinet in an anechoic chamber under test

Verak EMC cabinet

Verak EMC cabinet construction & sealing


Commsrak and Labrak360 are two products based around a common 19” open cabling frame, designed for applications where all round access is required. Both types are available in heights of 12, 37 and 42U with a static load rating of 150kg for all sizes. They are finished in RAL 7035 grey. The verticals feature standard 19” panel mountings with a regular repeating pattern of cable management cut-outs to allow front to rear cabling. The units are supplied in flat pack form with only one type of fixing used throughout


Commsrak is a wall mounting version suited to the IT industry and particularly useful for cable patching. The frame is secured to the wall by four heavy duty brackets that provide a 400mm standoff between wall and 19” panel mount.


Labrak360 is a floor-standing variant aimed at the laboratory / test environment. The minimal design of a frame with a floor standing kit provides unrestricted all-round access to the 19-inch frame, making setup, configuration and testing of the installed equipment a very easy process. The floor standing kit fits within the industry standard 600x600mm footprint and is fitted with castors (braked and un-braked) to make locating it in the required position a simple task.

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Features :

  Supplied in configured kit form.
  3 height options - 12U, 37U and 42U.
  Open frame construction gives all round access.
  Cable management provided in verticals.
  Commsrak = wall mounting with 400mm brackets.
  Labrak360 = floor standing with castors.
  Simple assembly - tool included.
  Static load rating 150kg.
  Range of 19” Accessories.

 Slimline Wallbox
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Slimline Wallbox

Slimline WallBox is a low profile 2.5U x 19” enclosure suited for telecom / datacom networking applications where equipment can be mounted vertically to overcome space restrictions. Options include various cable entry gland configurations and key locks.

Features :

  Low profile for exposed postions.
  Key lock.
  Wall mounting slot in back panel.
  Multi access gland facilities.
  Internal protection plate for additional security.
  Colour matched for coordinated installations.
  Supplied with drilling template for wall mounting.


KM6-II Subracks

KM6-II subracks are strong, versatile and easy to assemble making them well suited to light and medium duty applications. The tiebars are of large section for rigidity and are secured using two fixing screws into counterbored holes.The screws therefore act as locating dowels promoting a high degree of accuracy during construction.

The range is extensive, offering 3U, 4U,6U, 7U and 9U heights in width of 24, 42, 60 & 84HP and depths of 160,240, 300, 360 & 420mm. KM6-II Subracks are supplied either in kit form or individual component parts and are complimented by a wide range of accessories, including EMC conversion kits, guides, front panels and plug-in modules.

  KM6-II Subracks
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Features :

  Strong and versatile.
  Two screw fixing of tie bars.
  Conforms to IEC 60297-3.
  Total versatility permits wide range of configurations.
  Available in kit or piece-part form.
  Accurate location for first time assembly.
  Rugged construction.
  Pre-tapped holes and machine screws throughout.
  EMC conversion .
  No location mouldings required.
  With or without front handles.
  Provision for fitting 19” angles front or rear.

KM6-II EMC conversion kits

KM6-II subracks can be retrospectively EMC screened or closed by the addition of covers and a suitable front and rear panel.

  KM6-II Subracks
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Two Basic types of screening cover are available :

  OVERALL which provide a screen over both the card area and the rear connector/backplane area. In this version, the rear of the subrack is completed by the addition of conventionally fixed panels, either full width or in combinations of lesser width front panels.
  PCB AREA ONLY This application requires a motherboard/backplane which is specifically designed to provide rear screening using ground plane technology. With this geometry, only the front aperture requires screening panels.

KM6-HD ( Heavy Duty ) Subracks

The KM6-HD subrack range meets the requirements of IEEE 1101.10 & 11, which expands on IEC60297 to add functionality required for modern industrial computing applications. This includes RFI shielding, a rear transition area, front panel ESD / coding and handles with an injector / extractor operating feature. KM6-HD is therefore well suited to VME64x, CompactPCI applications, serving typical markets such as Telecoms, Medical and Instrumentation. In addition, KM6-HD would suit any rugged application where a resistance to shock and vibration is required.

Built to meet MIL-STD-167, its features include positive guide retention, heavy two screw fixing tiebars, 3mm thick side plates & rack angles and a conductive finish throughout. The KM6-HD subrack accepts standard Eurocards in 3U, 6U & 9U heights and depths of up to 400mm in both the IEC 297 and IEEE1101.10 standards.This makes the card frames suitable for housing popular backplane types such as VMEbus, VXI, VME64 Extensions, VPX, VXS, CompactPC, PXI and also DIN connectors with the use of a connector mounting extrusion.

  KM6-HD ( Heavy Duty ) Subracks
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Features :

  Designed and built to meet Military Standard (MIL STD) 167.
  IEC60297 and IEEE1101.10/11 compliant versions.
  EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) through RFI Shielding and a conductive finish throughout.
  Heavy duty tiebars, side plates and rack angles.
  Positive guide locking.
  Accurate tiebar location.
  Optional heavy duty handles.
  3U, 6U & 9U heights.
  160mm & 220mm guide depths .
  Optional 80mm rear transition area on IEEE version.
  KM6-II compatible accessories.
  Supplied in kit form (assembled upon request).
  Available as separate piece parts.

Customised SubRacks

Customised Subrack

6U, 53HP EMC subrack,split 3U/6U & 160mm/220mm – railway signalling application.

Customised Subrack

Custom 6U subrack with sheet metal construction and removable peripheral bay – telecoms application.

Customised Subrack

3U, 60HP subrack complete with custom front panels and plug-in unit – security application.

Customised Subrack

6U, 28HP reversed subrack assembly with VME backplane – military application.

Customised Subrack

Integrated 6U x 84HP x 180mm KM6-HD IEC sub-rack , wired with VMEbus backplane & custom H15 power supplies - simulation application.

Customised Subrack

Custom 6U x 40HP KM6-HD IEEE Subracks with metal card guides and gold chem film finish - military application. .

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